Tuesday, February 2, 2010

something that should be published long before...

about the ALLAH issue, for me , i,m not seeing this as the matter of the malaysian muslims' right.

it is more toward the right of Allah Himself.
for me , it is an absolute impudence to spread something that denies the Ultimateness of The Almighty ,degrading Him into the level of weak creatures by giving Him their attributes , having son , denying his oneness . all of this is done by using his own name ,on the matter that deteriorates and dergading He Himself!

i don't see any good in this,and if u have the power to stop these , would u just let it to happen?!!

for me no matter whosoever is using His name , be the muslims themselves , it must be freed from any concept or anything that denying Him as what He says he is. The truth is only one.
it does't mean if someone is practising it before , it is also rightful for us to practise it.

68. They say: "(Allah) hath begotten a son!" - Glory be to Him! He is self- sufficient! His are all things in the heavens and on earth! No warrant have ye for this! say ye about Allah what ye know not?

69. Say: "Those who invent a lie against Allah will never prosper."
(Quran,Jonah ,verse 68,69)

well, this something that came from me , a normal person , not an ulama , a hafiz or what.


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Pakya said...

so other people of other religion dont have the right to use the name Allah aa?