Saturday, November 20, 2010

here it comes, again
and me, had a fight within
all these emotions
is surely confusin', at the same time conflictin'
there is a chaos within.

but the past had tought me somethin'
no matter what,
He is the one I'm heading,
He is the one I'm needing,
He is the one sustaining,
Forever loving,

He is the one worth sacrifying ,
though we had never be the one
who is possessing.

His blessing is the only I should be seeking.

-clear enough eh dear self?-


abcd said...

what a brilliant piece of writing..
remind us b0ut da real meaning of life..
h0w every steps take us cl0ser to Him..towards the final destinaton-jannatun naim..insyaAllah.. an ordinary human..s0metimes..we d0 mess up..
Dear Allah,please guide us al0ng da way..ameen..
ar-Ra'du"f0r without doubt,in the remembrance of Allah do heart find satisfacti0n"

syibarumiz. said...

tq, and thank God, allowing this piece to happen