Saturday, June 26, 2010


my first exercises were finally submitted haha.
we had to free-handly draw lines,many2 lines, did some tedious lettering ,rendering with all sorts of techniques, sribbling , hatching ,cross hatching and stippling.
rendering is some sort of prosess of giving shape and volume to a 2D drawing, using lines and dotts thus it also gives it some texture.

Stippling is the one using dotts , lots and lots and lots of dotts for sure haha. This one type of stippling really made my hand tired. But it also help me in realising something , giving me a new perspective to the world existing around.

What I was doing was only filling a circle of few centimeters with dots, and im alredy tired with it. I'm weak

To realize that in every single dott i made, there is thousands atoms within, in just a single dot . Imagine how many atoms actually are they in a single solid ball, or a rock, or a leaf or everything. And there is for sure exist a tremendous power , holding all of the atom together, making things what they are, making the world what it is right know. Without this power that holds every atoms , making it stable, sustaining it charges, there would not be anything. Everything exist because God is existing, we are and everything are actually existing due to His Might and love.
Everything come from a single existence.
We have absolutely no power even on our own existence . Imagine, without His power, the wall surrounding you, particle by particle dissolve, disappear into the air , the fan, this computer , the floor, the sky , all the people , you yourself , everything. at that point maybe we will realize how real this world is, as real as a dream , and we, we are the dreamer.


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